Home Appraisals By Alan Daniel

For an accurate 3rd party opinion of what your home is worth in todays marketplace

Why A Pre-Listing Appraisal

Written November 1, 2017

A pre-listing or consultation appraisal provides the seller and listing agent with a realistic interpretation of market value through the eyes of an appraiser.  The pre-listing appraisal also serves as a valuable tool in assisting agents/sellers with items that may need repair or upgrades that may provide a positive return on value and marketability.  Pre-listing appraisals also identify the most similar sales for a property and can be used to help a lenders appraiser who may be less familiar with a specific market area.  In instances where a bank appraiser comes in below the appraised value, a review and rebuttal of the appraisal and an identification of problems within the appraisal can prove to be invaluable.


Most importantly, prelisting appraisals help identify the true market value of a home.  A home which is properly priced will sell quicker and for more than one that is overpriced and destined for price reductions over an extended period of time.