Serving North Atlanta in Residential Valuation and Consulting Services

Daniel Appraisal Services, Inc.

Established in 2016, Daniel Appraisal Services, Inc. provides residential appraisal and consulting services that specialize in single family, estate, equestrian, land, historic, and lakefront properties primarily in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. With over 30 years of experience resulting in well over 20,000 appraisals our goal is to provide an honest, independent, and professional opinion of market value in order to enable our clients to make more informed decisions.

Daniel Appraisal Service

Our Appraisals

A pre-listing or consultation appraisal provides the seller, buyer, or realtor a realistic interpretation of market value by an unbiased third party. The pre-listing appraisal also serves to identify repair or upgrade items that may enhance the value and marketability of a property. Most important, a pre-listing appraisal helps identify the true value of a home. A home which is properly priced will sell quicker and for more than one that is incorrectly priced.

Daniel Appraisal Service

Actively engages with over 20 local and national lenders, Daniel Appraisal Services, Inc provides quick, professional residential appraisals for all lending needs including purchases, refinances, relocation, PMI and foreclosure.

Daniel Appraisal Service

We are actively engaged in appraisals needed for divorce, estate, trust, insurance, and tax abatement.

Daniel Appraisal Service

Current Clients

Daniel Appraisal Services currently performs appraisals for over 30 lenders and AMC’s including Shelter Home Mortgage, LLC, Prosperity Home Mortgage, Suntrust (Truist), Wells Fargo, Certainty Home Loans, LLC and United Community Bank, just to name a few. In addition, Daniel Appraisal Services works regularly with over 30 local Realtors in the surrounding area.